While some say Most Popular Torrent Sites in 2022 are the Best Torrent Sites at the same time, we respectfully disagree.

Things we look for

In our opinion the Best Torrent Sites should all have these things in common:

  • Active community
  • Torrents with trust signals (trusted uploader badges, verified torrents, feedback in comments)
  • The website should work with NoScript

🏆 Our picks

We are regularly checking and updating this list.

  1. ThePirateBay (Proxy #1, Proxy #2, Proxy #3, .onion address)
  2. RARBG
  3. LimeTorrents

Never torrent without a VPN!

To see how you can protect yourself, check out our article on Best VPN for Torrenting.

It is possible that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks some of these sites, a VPN can help you with that too.

How can I visit torrent sites safely?

Most websites use Javascript to improve user experience and usability. While this is usually harmless, can also be dangerous.

Some torrent sites are shadier than others. By using Javascript, they can mine cryptocurrency with your computer, also it's possible to steal your sensitive data by exploiting an unpatched vulnerability.

We recommend you to use the free browser extension called NoScript. It protects you by blocking all scripts on websites by default, allowing you to only whitelist sources that you deem trustworthy.

Unfortunately, most torrent sites do not work with scripts blocked.

a) Firefox + NoScript + VPN (preferred)

Firefox with NoScript is a very safe choice. Additionally, a VPN can protect your privacy when you are browsing torrent sites and running your torrent client, by hiding your real IP Address.

b) Tor Browser

With NoScript and other security enhancements baked in by default, Tor Browser allows surfing the web virtually anonymously through the Tor Network. Keep in mind that you may only use the Tor Network for visiting websites, not running the torrent client with it.

Trust signals

It is a good idea always to choose torrents marked with trust signals, such as a trusted uploader, a verified torrent, or proper feedback in the comments.